Mrs Banani is a dedicated self taught artist in her own field and has nurtured painting as her hobby and passion. She is inspired by Jamini Roy and the Bengal school of Arts and has exhibited her paintings in numerous art galleries in various cities of the country. She uses various mediums such as oil on canvas, water colour, pencil sketches, penwork, charcoal, glass paintings, etc. to express her creativity. Her paintings deal with themes such as teamwork, imagination, belief, dedication, friendship, camaraderie, spiritualism and revolve around various facets of a womans life. Her paintings have depth , rich colours and strong emotions which are vital elements in the expression of her creativity. Each of her work of art is vivid , thought provoking, bright, intellectually and is highly visually engaging.

Title: p3
Size: Not Available
Detail: -where the mind is without fear

Title: Awake_arise_and_act
Size: 19'x15'
Detail: Oil on Canvas

Title: Golden_sarang
Size: Not Available
Detail: glass_paint

Title: Blooming_buds
Size: 11'x10'
Detail: Water Colour

Title: countryside_panorama
Size: 18'x13'
Detail: Oil on Canvas
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